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AOS leads the world in the revolutionary new field of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Our software products provide the decision-making capability that underlies autonomy. With current applications including decision support, oil production management, autonomous air and underwater vehicles, as well as advanced military simulation systems, our software has potential application to the road transport and financial industries.

AOS specialises in operational autonomous software, covering the full spectrum, from “intelligent assistants” supporting experts in solving mission-critical problems, to autonomous systems performing tasks delegated by humans.

AOS's products, JACK® and C-BDI™, provide this capability and can be used in many ways: deployed on board an autonomous vehicle or an oil platform; as part of an IT system or even running on a PDA or phone as an intelligent assistant.

Autonomous decision-making capability lies at the heart of our products. As part of a lineage spanning nearly two decades, this technology is the culmination of a process of continuous research and development that began in the late 1980s with research on autonomous fault diagnosis for the Space Shuttle.

Our technology is now employed by our partners and customers across a wide range of industries and applications, including autonomous UASs (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), oil production decision support, space vehicle decision support systems, and military simulation and synthetic environments. For this latter application, we supply CoJACK™ which models human cognition, including the effects of moderators (e.g. fatigue, fear) on human performance.

AOS works with partners and customers to incorporate autonomy into their products, industry or organisation, using JACK, C-BDI and CoJACK.

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