Oil & Gas

Norwegian-based Statoil, one of the world’s largest suppliers of crude oil and natural gas, has developed software to support oil trading and operations management, using JACK.

Intelligent agents are applied to help solve optimisation, planning and process control issues in Statoil's trading and operations areas. Among the expected benefits in the trading area is the timely provision of the most up-to-date information, enabling the company to rapidly respond to changes in the market. This speed of operation allows Statoil to improve effectiveness and continually modify ongoing business tactics, giving the company ample opportunity to further maximise revenues, while reducing the number of decisions made on out-dated information.

Statoil chose JACK as its development platform because of AOS’s field-proven track record in knowledge engineering applications, its extensive training and mentoring services, and the availability of valuable support from Cambridge Consultants.

"To prosper in many of today’s global markets companies need to gather and act on only the latest information. By integrating agent technology into their system, Statoil can focus on running its business, safe in the knowledge that these programs are gathering business-critical data all the time", says Cambridge Consultants' Grant Garner.

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