AOS-supported PhD at University of York

case studentship 2011

AOS and the University of York are offering a fully-funded CASE studentship in Safety-Critical Machine Intelligence.

Would you trust a computer to run a chemical plant or oil platform? You might not, but we trusted humans to manage the Deepwater Horizon rig, and that ended in disaster.

The artefacts we build are getting ever-more complex, and it's getting harder and harder for a human operator to keep a whole system model in their head. Modern process plants and power stations are among the most complex systems we build - more intricate and labyrinthine than aircraft or ships, and with even greater destructive potential (as demonstrated by the accident at Chernobyl and, more recently, Deepwater Horizon). The plant operators may need automated assistants - not just machines that observe, record and display, but machines that can understand a situation and give advice - "virtual co-workers" with memory and perception beyond human limits.

If you have any questions about this studentship, contact Rob Alexander. To apply, go to (in the "Funding Information" section of the form, please state "AOS CASE Studentship").

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