iWD — Autonomous Response System

Protecting areas from unwanted intrusions or visitors has always been an important task. It might be a military base, a mine site, or a chemicals storage area. These unwanted visitors may not be humans - they might be bats eating a cherry farmer’s crop, or birds sampling the delights of a ripe grape harvest.

AOS, in conjunction with Insitu Pacific, has recently completed trials of an autonomous response system – when set to work it watches out for unwanted intrusions and then when one is detected it launches a quadcopter to investigate. It then sends live video footage to the human managing the site - a mine manager, base security team, or perhaps a farmer.

This video shows the system in action during a recent series of tests prior to operational deployment.

If your browser won't let you see the video below, you can download it here:

Download Surveillance of Demand video

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