AOS offers a number of products for developing autonomous systems.

JACK® is the world's leading autonomous systems development platform. It has a proven track record in the development of applications that interact with a complex and ever-changing environment.

JACKTeams™ supports the definition of autonomous teams. It supports a wide variety of teaming algorithms, allowing the representation of social relationships and co-ordination between team members.

C-BDI™ is designed for applications where the software needs to be certificated, for example in onboard aviation systems.

CoJACK™ is a cognitive architecture used for modelling the variation in human behaviour. It is used in simulation systems to underpin virtual actors.

Surveillance Agent™ is a JACK-based product that assists surveillance and intelligence agencies in the analysis of behaviour patterns.

iWD™ (intelligent Watchdog) product has two applications: Decision Support System and On-deman Surveillance. 

iGMTI™ (intelligent Ground Moving Track Indicator) is an application that assists human intelligence officers in recognising “interesting” behaviours from a surveillance picture.

RIB™ (Rational Information Broker) is designed to assist the human (e.g. pilot or weapons systems operator) to source critical ISR sensor data and deliver such data to the necessary onboard systems in order to successfully prosecute a mission.

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