C-BDI™ Key Attributes

  • A certifiable BDI agent platform
  • Focused on autonomous and semi-autonomous, mission-critical aerospace & defence systems
  • Designed for use in real-time domains

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C-BDI is AOS's flagship 4th generation Beliefs, Desires, Intentions (BDI) model for intelligent agents and decision making systems. The ”C” in C-BDI stands for certifiable. C-BDI targets demanding safety-critical applications containing various levels of safety criticality. C-BDI has been engineered from the ground up to provide security and determinism; as a result, C-BDI guarantees protection to the hosted applications.

The C-BDI Runtime's design guarantees bounded computation times by eliminating features such as dynamic memory allocation. Underlying RTOS and hardware mechanisms are used to provide full system protection for all components including the user applications, inter-application communications, and the Runtime. At the lowest level, the C-BDI Runtime is protected from malicious access though its object-oriented design and access verification.

This unique approach provides guarantees for multiple safety-critical applications operating at different safety levels. Thanks to its securely partitioned design, deterministic behaviour, real-time responsiveness and small footprint, C-BDI offers a univeral runtime environment that is capable of executing a variety of decision-making systems in aerospace, oil & gas, medical and nuclear.

From inception, C-BDI has been designed so that developers can ensure that their applications meet the highest requirements for security, reliability, and performance. Traditional BDI systems can crash, fail, or execute uncontrollably resulting in costly consequences such as a lost UAV or a failing car. The C-BDI runtime protects both critical applications and itself from malfunctions that can lead to these failures. To do this, C-BDI provides resources that ensure that processing and memory resources will always be available - no matter what any other process attempts to do.

To ensure developers can quickly start product development, C-BDI offers an extensive array of middleware. Each of the middleware packages is fully integrated into the C-BDI Runtime and has been tested to ensure that it runs seamlessly with the advanced capabilities of the C-BDI Runtime. For certain industries, AOS also offers platforms that provide a complete environment including the C-BDI Runtime as well as development tools, industry-specific middleware, and documentation.

All these combine into a system that enables developers to:

  • develop and deploy their applications with ease
  • accelerate the time-to-market for their applications
  • reduce development risk
  • focus on quality and innovation

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