iGMTI™ — intelligent Ground Moving Target Indicator


iGMTI (intelligent Ground Moving Target Indicator) is an application that assists human intelligence officers in recognising “interesting” behaviours from a surveillance picture. The iGMTI agents analyse a stream of entity positions on the battlefield, and provide visual feedback through a map display to highlight movement patterns that are indicative of logistics supply chains, and group behaviours. The objective of the software is to utilise real-time or stored target positional movement data and then discern similar/dissimilar behaviour patterns and common land/air/sea usage patterns.

Similar behaviour patterns can include:

  • quantitative, where several targets are ascertained to be grouped closely together at common periods; or
  • qualitative, where targets are matched to specific attributes, for example low speed or high speed, or heading in a specific direction, for example west-south-west from a specific location.

iGMTI was developed for Australia’s Defence Scientific Technology Organisation (DSTO).

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