iWD™ — intelligent Watchdog

Intelligent Watchdog product has two separate applications: 

  • iWD - Decision Support System (iWD DSS):
    iWD DSS is for the Oil & Gas industry, iWD provides decision support to human operators in a control room for making the right decision under stressful situations.

  • iWD - On-demand Surveillance System (iWD ODS):
    iWD ODS provides a rapid, on-call surveillance capability for land-based assets. The system is easily deployed and combines unmanned autonomous vehicles, a network of ground sensors and an intelligent control station to quickly assess the nature of perimeter violations. It then can respond to intruder(s) as directed by the human overseer.

These iWD applications are based upon C-BDI™, AOS’s flagship next generation behaviour reasoning engine. C-BDI has been designed as a generic reasoning engine to support demanding safety-critical applications containing various levels of safety criticality. C-BDI has been engineered from the ground up to provide security and determinism; as a result, C-BDI guarantees protection to the hosted applications.

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