Training Courses

To support our customers in the development of advanced applications, AOS offers training courses on agent-oriented programming in JACK®, and cognitive modelling using CoJACK™. These courses will take your software development team from novice level to the point where they can start developing agent-based and cognitive applications. The courses are offered on-site at any of our AOS offices around the world, but can also be run at your premises.

Our courses are led by accredited instructors with many years of experience in agent-oriented programming/design and cognitive modelling using JACK/CoJACK. The approach is very hands-on and will enable your team to design their applications to take full advantage of what agents have to offer. A soft copy of the course materials will be provided before the course.

JACK Course

The JACK course runs for three days and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to agent-oriented systems and intelligent agents
  • Detailed coverage of JACK programming language features
  • Implementation of a multi-agent JACK application
  • Interfacing with external applications and services
  • Meta-level programming
  • JACKTeams
  • Advanced agent-oriented concepts

Course Prerequisite: Java programming experience

CoJACK Course

The CoJACK course runs for three days and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to cognitive architectures and modelling human behaviour
  • The BDI paradigm and rational reasoning
  • Modelling human variability: CoJACK's sub-symbolic operators and moderators
  • Hands on: building a cognitive model
  • Graphical interfaces, tracing and monitoring of your model
  • Running your cognitive model in a simulation environment

Course Prerequisite: Completion of JACK Course

For further details and to book a course, please contact us.

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